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Inter Komunika : Jurnal Komunikasi

P-ISSN 2548-3949

E-ISSN 2615-4420


INTERKOMUNIKA Journal of Communications was first published in December 2016. This journal is published by the Institute of Research and Community Service STIKOM InterStudi periodically 6 months, in June and December. Published twice a year. Hopefully this journal publication will begin the next issue on an ongoing basis.

In this preliminary publication, INTERKOMUNIKA discusses the results of research and scientific studies on: the market structure of the television market industry in Indonesia, the cultural transformation of the Kompas group, the discourse analysis of the program "Reality Show" on Trans TV, the usage of TV media and the application of advertisement on consumptive behavior students of STIKOM InerStudi, the role of women in political communication in Aceh, and the effect of basic, physical and additional benefits on the buying behavior of soccer tabloids.

With INTER KOMUNIKA, we encourage lecturers and writers of scientific papers to submit their manuscripts to our editors. Hopefully this journal publication becomes an encouragement to always write scientific papers, and get credit points to raise academic functional positions.

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  1. Artikel Penelitian
  2. Studi Kasus
  3. Literatur Review
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  1. Indonesia; atau
  2. Inggris


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